Professional Service Provider for 3D Solutions

We are a Finnish company, founded in 2013, specializing in additive manufacturing, better known as industrial 3D printing, and related solutions and services, as well as 3D technology development. The founders of the company are experienced 3D printing professionals having followed the industry since the end of the 1990s and utilized their know-how in industrial endproducts since 2006.

Understanding our customers’ needs is the key element in our company philosophy and we aim to be a value-adding partner through the whole product life cycle from development to production and beyond.  In this, we are supported by an extensive partner network consisting of both domestic and international companies as well as research and educational institutes.


We are currently located in two offices. Our headquarters are in Salo, where we have also our service production. Our office in Turku Pharmacity is in charge of technology development under the  Brinter® brand the main focus being in 3D bioprinting processes.

In Turku we have also a 3D solutions clinic, where customers are wellcome to visit and discuss topics about 3D solutions. In addition there is 3D Demo Lab for customers of Turun Teknologiakiinteistöt Werstas customers.


Marko Piira
Founder and CEO
+358 45 3459980
Tomi Kalpio
Founder and Chief Development Officer 
+358 44 7336101
Riitta Noponen
Sales & Marketing Manager 
+358 40 8019185
Keijo Koskinen
Head of Sales 
+358 44 5941659
Sanna Turunen
Product Manager, Brinter®
+358 40 7385117
Tomi Mikkonen
Product Development Engineer, Brinter® 
+358 44 0214780