Frequently Asked Questions

In what file format do I send my files for quotation/order?

We can take the files in any of the most common 3D file formats, we are able to convert them to .stl, the format that the 3D printers require, but we recommend you to send your files in .stl or .stp format. Note that when sending larger or multiple .stl files via email, it’s advisable to zip them up.

What 3D printing technology is suitable for my product?

There are a number of printing technologies and materials and all of them have their own features and natural use cases. It is important that you give us the necessary information on the product and its usage as well as what are the key requirements e.g. for durability when asking for a quotation. That way we are able to choose the right technology and material for making your product.

How are the prints priced?

There isn’t any univocal answer to this question. The price depends on the measures, model/geometry in relation to how much space it takes in the printing chamber, the material-consumption, the time needed for cleaning and possible other post-processing work, printing technology and the order volume.

The 3D file of the object is always needed for us to be able to give an accurate quote. For usual file handling like converting it to .stl, we don’t charge extra, but in case the file requires modifications (fixing, scaling, additional modeling) that take time significantly longer, we will charge also for the work.  Additional services like coating and assembly are also charged separately.

How are the other services priced?

For our other services – scanning, modeling, design, consultation – we have a fixed hourly rate and the services are usually charged based on the time used for the work. An estimation of the maximum time needed for the work is given in the quotation. In larger projects, we can also give a contract price.

What type of post-processing is available for the prints?

The most common post-processing method is color dye. This service is available for nylon prints printed with MJF and SLS technologies. For MJF prints black is the only available color, for the time being, for SLS prints there is a wider range of colors.

We paint/varnish single products and small batches mainly ourselves and for bigger batches as well as special cases where an injection mold level surface quality is needed we use a professional painter. This service is available for all types of plastic prints.

We offer also selected special coatings, like nano-coating, and ESD protection. We do also other processing work like assembling prints and installing threaded inserts on your behalf. Please contact us and we can tell you more.

What is your typical delivery time?

Delivery time depends on the order quantity and the order book at the time of the order, but we aim to deliver smaller quantities within one week. In urgent cases, at extra charge, we can make a shorter MJF build that ensures the order is available the following day. Note! The next-day availability cannot be guaranteed for all types of products and the applicability is checked case by case.

Do you have more questions? We are happy to answer your questions so please give us a call, send us an email, fill out the contact form, or leave a message through social media.