New Ideas and Existing Products to Digital 3D Models Fast

3D-modeling is a process of developing a digital representation of an object in three dimensions via specialized software. The product is called a 3D model and no object can be 3D printed without it. Today, basically all new products, regardless of the manufacturing method, are designed with a CAD software created for this purpose. For 3D printing, the CAD file is then converted to .stl format that printers read.

For older products, the 3D model is often missing, but they can be modeled afterward from 2D drawings. If also 2D drawings are missing, the 3D modeling can be made by measuring the physical object and, depending on the object type, with the help of 3D scanning.   

We do 3D modeling of existing products, both from 2D drawings as well as based on a physical product sample. Contact us and ask more.

When designing customer a new product, for us to be able to start working on it, it is enough if the customer has drafted their idea on paper or has a picture of it. We can continue and finish projects already started and also help when a finished design/project needs to be optimized for 3D printing. Note. Unfortunately, we have only a very limited resource for new product design at the moment.

When modeling an existing product, a physical product sample is usually needed. Often even a defect sample is sufficient for getting the measures. Only when the 2D drawings with exact measures are available, is a physical sample not necessarily needed.

Whatever the work is, it is always done in tight cooperation with the customer.