Bring your ideas to life with the help of 3D solutions

Our aim is to always find the best possible total solution to our customers, whether it’s about printing, scanning, design or any other service we provide. We offer to companies an effortless way for them to get into the 3D printing and related solutions and gain full benefits without needing to invest into the equipment or know-how by themselves. We can help you mapping your 3D needs by going through for example your production process with you and identifying phases where the 3D technology could bring benefits. In case of a product development project, we advice to contact us in the beginning of the project, if possible. That way we can help you to find the best solutions for the project right from the start.

Continuous innovation, development and learning are core elements in our company philosophy. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us also in questions and inquiries related to 3D printing and manufacturing that go outside the traditionl  box.

3D Printing

We offer companies high quality industrial 3D printing with state of the art equipment and several years of experience in the industry. 3D printing is a cost-efficient way to manufacture parts to the various industrial and business needs. Whether you need endproducts or prototypes, only one piece or a series, we can help. We are happy to serve also consumers.

Contract Manufacturing

We provide also custom-made manufacturing services to our customers. In core is the 3D printing to which can be combined other services like different types of post processing, screw inserts, assemblies and customer specific quality assurance processes.

3D Design & Modeling

An object can be 3D printed only if there is a digital 3D model of it. We provide as a service both new product 3D designing as well as 3D-modeling of existing products.


3D Scanning

To support 3D modeling we provide also 3D scanning service. 3D scanner is a practical tool when existing objects are modeled to a digital format. Such objects can be older products like for example spare parts that have been designed and developed in a time before computers and the 3D files don’t exists at all, or it can be about a reverse engineering need in general.

3D Technology Development, Training and Consutation

Together with our global partner network we develop 3D printing processes both to our own and customers’s production processes. We offer also custom-made training and consultation services.