Make Your Older Products Digital with the Help of 3D Scanning

A 3D-scanner is a practical tool when you want to digitize existing physical objects and you don’t have even 2D drawings with exact measures available.  Such objects can be for example older products like spare parts, that haven’t been designed with CAD sw and hence the 3D models have never existed. Or alternatively it can be a reverse engineering need in general.

In theory there aren’t any size limits to scanning, but in practice the size and the form of the object have an impact on its scannability as well as define the type of a usable scanner. Other limitations are set by the lightness, object’s reflectiveness and wanted precision. Glossy surfaces may have to be coated with a special spray developed for the purpose before scanning.

Contact us and ask for a quote. We’ll investigate your product’s scannability.

We have a high resolution structured light desk top 3D scanner in our service use. The scanner is suitable for scanning of small and medium size objects with structures. Its technical details:

Scanning area:       60-500 mm

Precision:               <0,05 mm

File formats:          OBJ, STL, PLY

Additionally we have a handheld scanner suitable for scanning of larger object like statues, sizable artifacts, vehicles or persons when the high precision is not a prerequisite.