Do You Need Help with Identifying Your Company’s 3D Printing Needs?

Many companies would save costs, not to mention time, if they implemented 3D printing in their operations, but the technology is not used, because the companies don’t know enough about it in order to be able to identify the potential use cases in their production process. Typical examples in a production line are custom tools, jigs, and various spare parts that, in the worst case, can stop the line but have a long lead time.

Would you like to find out, if your company can benefit from the implementation of 3D technology, and how? Contact us and we come to and help you to map the needs. We help you to recognize the potential use cases in your company as well as assist you with the estimates of productiveness between outsourced service, investments to your own printing equipment and the combination of both.

We can take care of the 3D printing training to your employees, too, if needed.

Product Development

We are specialized inn 3D printing process development for biomaterials and other organic materials such as medical bioprinting processes and industrial printing of cellulose-based materials. We develop processes for both, small scale laboratory needs as well as for industrial mass production. The work is done in cooperation with an international network of companies, universities and research institutes.

We run our bioprinting business with a new auxiliary business name, Brinter. Also, our upcoming bioprinters are branded as BrinterĀ®. Read more about bioprinting and our bioprinters on Brinter’s website.

Bioprinting is a joint effort between several branches of science. That’s why we are an active participant in several research projects related to bioprinting, which are briefly introduced below.

Brain printing project by Business Finland
The project looks into the utilization of 3D printing in brain research and analyses markets for understanding both, business and technology needs. The project ended in 2018 and the participants were University of Eastern Finland, UPM Oyj, Misvik Biology and many others.

Food printing project by Business Finland
3D printing of food is one of the sub-branches of bioprinting. In this project, the research topics are 3D printed food and its business potential in the future. The project runs until the end of 2019 and participants are e.g. VTT, Aalto University, Selecta Oy and Valio Oy.

Novum is a Horizon 2020 funded project that develops cellulose-based materials and manufacturing technologies for novel production of electrical insulation components. 3D printing is one of the technologies. There are companies and research institutes from Finland, Poland Denmark, France, Great Britain, and Germany in the consortium. More about Novum and its objectives on the project web site.

RESTORE is another Horizon 2020 funded project. The RESTORE concept is to realize a new generation of smart 3D matrices for chondral lesions treatments. Key cutting-edge technologies will be employed into biocompatible 3D matrices to promote cartilage repair. There are companies and research institutes from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal in the consortium. More about RESTORE and its objectives on the project web site.